Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flower Mirror DIY

We're doing a bit of fixer uppering in the house and there's this huge area above my fireplace that I wanted new artwork for.  After lots of searching I just couldn't find anything large enough that wasn't hundreds of dollars.  I stumbled across this tutorial at The Nester and had the perfect mirror laying around the house for the project.  Here's her version...

And here's my go at it...

So here's the mirror with paper inside so I could paint the ugly brown away.  I used 4 sheets of poster board from the dollar store ($.50 each) and made a petal template and began cutting.  I then used my handy dandy glue gun and started gluing on the petals.  First one on the top, followed by one on the very bottom and then one on each side, working from there.

I only ran into one problem, in the tutorial on the The Nester, the mirror is placed on TOP of everything so it finishes it off perfectly.  My petals were glued on top of the round frame so I cut various size rectangles to place around the edge, it left a pretty cool mosaic look.  Still debating whether or not to spray paint it.....

    It's Overflowing

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Photo Bombed by Opie

I thought I'd take a precious picture of my girls snoozing in our bed (they've been asking to do that a LOT lately).  It was dark, I wasn't sure where I was even aiming and low and behold, look who ends up in the picture.  Opie.  Sheez.