Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am a mom (that still sounds weird) to two beautiful and tenderly sweet girls.

At a very impressionable age I was taught how to thrift shop by my (eventually would-be) sister in law. I was about 12 and she was 19 or so and boy did I look up to her.

When I turned 19 I became a flight attendant, flew for 7 years and decided to leave after 9/11 to finish college.

While in college I met the love of my life and married one month after graduating with my bachelor's in Marketing.

I left the corporate world to stay at home with my daughters but decided to start a photo announcement and invitation business out of my home for extra're welcome to visit my site, Bayberry Announcements.

My mom could do anything she set her mind to from reupholstering to residing the house so thankfully I picked up quite a bit from her as well.

I haven't set foot in a mall to shop in over a decade and refuse to pay more then $10 for an article of clothing.

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