Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spray Painted Outdoor Lights

Our outdoor lights are a sad sight and it wasn't doing much for the curb appeal of our home.  I ended up spray painting them to give them new life.



I learned a quick lesson on taping off the glass, just use painters tape...you'll see my examples below on taping.

  **Start taping from the bottom of the pane and work your way up.  That way, when you use your box cutter to trim the excess off the sides the tape won't catch and peel backward.  Nice and neat.

If you look in the first picture, you'll see the middle strip of tape in the top corner was caught and started to peel back.  Notice the bottom piece of tape wasn't affected because the middle layer of tape was over it.  'Going with the grain' I guess you could call it.  It was after this picture that I learned the lesson.  :)

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