Friday, June 12, 2015

Our New Home

Over the last year my husband and I have begun to learn more about ourselves, as individuals and as a couple. What we've learned is that we struggle to conform with the society we live in. It's a wonderful, family-friendly town but there seems to be a lot of importance placed on material goods such as name brand clothing and purses, tube tops and wine drinking, and houses. People move up, they go bigger and newer. And honestly, we've grown tired of trying to keep up with the Jones'.

In a years time, we decided to send the children to a private school, at first it was going to be tight. I got a part time job in marketing and the salary matched the tuition almost to the penny, that along with the flexibility this job afforded made it obvious it was God's way of looking out for us. Since then, my husband has gotten a raise and promotion so we were back to being fairly comfortable. We could have "moved up" but I didn't like the feeling that came with it. So we decided to downsize, with the intent of finding a place with a little more land and privacy so we could grow closer to God through nature. I don't feel like I "owe" God for what He's done for us in the last year but rather, I want  to show my appreciation and acknowledge that without Him, I am nothing. No material goods on this earth is worth having over Him. So we've decided to downsize, clear out a great deal of our possessions and live more simply.

By downsize, I mean we've gone from 1700 sq ft house with a basement and attached garage to 960 sq ft on a crawl with a detached garage. But it's a beautiful oasis on 3 private acres, almost like a vacation home up north. The best part is that it's all fenced, the entire 3 acres so the kids and dogs are free to roam.  We got day old chicks before we completed the move so the very first thing on our list is to build a coop!  There will be many projects  to post about in the very near future including paint our exterior, brush hogging, gardening, building furniture, etc. Yes! A complete lifestyle change that we're so thrilled about. This will be an amazing experience for the kiddos as well as myself.   Good bye suburb and hello backwoods home!


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