Friday, June 11, 2010

Custom Burpies for Babies

When I had my first daughter I just had to have these adorable burp cloths I found on eBay. I ordered a few and quickly realized that, shoot, I could have done that! So since then I've made a few for baby shower gifts and they turn out pretty good, not to mention they're quick and easy to make.

I just cut a strip of material the length and width of the middle of the burp cloth plus 1/2 in. (they're actually a cloth diaper so they're much more absorbent).

Then I folded the strip of material under 1/4 in. all the way around, pressed, pinned and stitched it to the middle of the burpie. Pretty cool!

So these two in particular are going to my new nephew, Joseph (the parents are 90% positive on the name) who will be joining us in August. :)

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