Friday, May 31, 2013

New doggie makes three.

For 10 years we were a one dog family.  Mable, our gem, is now 12 years old (we rescued her when she was 2).  For the longest time she wouldn't tolerate other dogs.  I think with age comes wisdom because she's more tolerant now.  So on January 1st of this year we brought home Opie.

Opie is an Old English Sheepdog.  I grew up with one and have such fond memories, they truly make wonderful family dogs.  Very loyal, clown-like, playful and smart.  Too smart for their own good sometimes.

I did go through a breeder to get Opie, something I'm not particularly proud of since I've always been an advocate for rescue dogs and cats (all of my other pets are rescues, Mable and two cats).   But this breeder is a very responsible and loving woman who devotes her whole life to her sheepies.  In her contract upon adoption it states that if for some reason you're unable to keep the dog, they must be returned to her.  They are not to go to a shelter.

So to try and make a long story short(er), an 11 year old female, Daisy, was returned to the breeder because the family no longer wanted her.  She had been neglected to the point of having a serious bladder/UTI infection, complete with crystals (meaning there could be a tumor or kidney stones), she's obviously in pain, over weight therefore having difficulty laying down and standing back up.  She's struggling with incontinence (probably because of the infection) and was filthy when I met her.

The breeder took her back but the existing pack of 3 dogs at the breeders house did not accept her.  The breeder and I have our pups in obedience class together, this is how I heard of Daisy's story.  

My husband and I were devastated to hear such horrible news and we decided that we would see how she did at our house.  Mable and Opie accepted her instantly and she's currently on antibiotics and lots of vitamins.  After 5 days, she no longer has to wear a diaper so I think her infection is clearing up.

The breeder is kindly footing the bill to get her back in shape and I'm providing her with a retirement house.


Opie as a pup (playing with Flynn the cat, only 5 months ago!)

Opie sporting his summer haircut and snoozing with his stuffed sheepie

Miss Mae

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