Friday, May 31, 2013

Home Improvement here we come...

So, we're getting ready to have our floors redone.  Nothing fancy, no bamboo or real hardwood.  We're  on a tight budget so we opt for the more realistic things in life.  For example, my husband and I were looking at carpet samples when I saw an end cap with the "sale" samples.  I immediately put back all the samples I had stacked up in my hands and headed straight for the sale rack.  There were plenty to choose from and for $1.00 less per square foot, I was determined to find something suitable.

We ended up settling on Modesto II Burch Wood twist carpeting and SilverHill Oak laminate flooring.

Hubby ripped up the carpet yesterday and decided to roll it up and leave it on the driveway until garbage day only to have it down pour.  Yuck.

So we're living in shambles right now, the measuring crew will be out today to take their measurements.

I'm excited, there's so much to do!

Chosen Flooring

Old Flooring (mismatched yuckiness)

Embarrassing subfloor

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