Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blind fix

So I found these awesome, cheap blinds at Target. For $14 ea. I couldn't pass them up. And they had them in the width I needed, 31". It wasn't until they were completely installed that I found out they weren't LONG enough! Yikes! So instead of tearing them down and taking them back I used the extra slats I had left over from my shorter window above my sink to extend them. Wow, what was I thinking?!!

So I took the left over slat strings that I had cut off of my kitchen window blinds and began sewing, yes sewing, them to the my too short blinds.

The extra slats to be added...

And here is the after, it still needs a little tweaking but I'm just thrilled to have them hit the window sill now. :)

You can see the stitching if you look close but from a far it's not noticeable thank goodness!

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