Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DIY Wall Art

I first saw this idea on My Sweet Savannah's blog. The concept is stunning and to have it personalized with say, your own children or pets makes it even more meaningful. So while I was at our local Dollar Tree I came across these beautiful off-white plates and knew exactly what to do with them. I pulled out my black paint pen from JoAnn's and went to town.

First I took a picture of my girls from the side (against a solid color background is best). Then in Photoshop I clipped out the silhouette and printed it on a regular piece of paper the size that I wanted. Then I cut the silhouette out and used it as a stencil to trace the face onto my plate and then I just painted it in. I suppose you could just take a picture and print it out in the size you'd like and cut it out that way, skipping the Photoshop step if you're not too familiar with it.

I let that dry (which was pretty quick) and I added a caramel colored bow using left over ribbon I had laying around and popped the plate into a plate hanger and up on the wall it went. Piece o'cake.

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  1. So pretty!!

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog - come and check it out!!

  2. Love the children's plates. So cute.