Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Night Stand

I nightstand. Here she is before...

And now, the after....

She wasn't easy that's for sure.

I bought oil based, black paint by mistake (what a beast to work with) and my roller left lint all over. So I let it dry (which takes fer-eva) and sanded the lint off. Another BIG MISTAKE. It dulled the finish horribly and there was no fixing it. So I ended up back at ACO in town to sort through a handful of black paint tints to have a black latex paint mixed. Who knew black came in such a wide range of shades?!! So I painted her again and sanded the edges to accentuate the detail, popped on a new knob and voila!

I learned a lot on this project.

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  1. It looks much better in the after. Great job!
    ~ Jill

  2. I did a zebra and turquoise end table for the DIY party this week! How funny! Great job on that!

  3. It looks Great. Congratulation on having a lovely new nitestand.. I love redoing furniture, too.

    your newest follower

  4. As much of a hassle as it was, it was worth looks fabulous!

  5. Very Peeeeerty - love it !

  6. First off, the outcome is greatness. I love the sanded edges...something I would be scared to do myself.

    Second, AMEN to learning a lot on projects. Quite frankly I'm sick of learning. Just once. ONCE. I would like to do a project and it go smoothly. Please......universe....please.