Monday, March 8, 2010

Chair Makeover

This beauty was sitting pretty at the local thrift store when I stumbled across her. Clad in mustard yellow vinyl (and only $9), I thought it would be the perfect addition to my room, with a little work.

To recover the seat I flipped it upside down and unscrewed the screws from the bottom and the seat lifted right up. I pryed the staples off that were holding the vinyl to the seat base and the cushion was still in puffy condition and didn't smell so I kept it. I didn't want to have to sew so I laid my material on the floor right side facing the floor and placed my seat bottom on top of it and began to pull taunt and staple. Within minutes I had a great looking chair! Now the question is whether or not to paint the wood white...any thoughts?

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  1. Wow. As I'm reading this, I'm thinking about the ugly light blue "velvet-like" cushions on our dining room chairs. You've given me inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Oh....yes, paint them white! If you ever stop by my blog, you'll see my love for all things white, so I guess I am a little biased. $9?? I'm SO jealous! :) I've just started my own restoring business, so yes, go to town! (seriously, whatever you do, it's going to be gorgeous) Great job and wonderful find!