Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Porch Makeover



My porch has been in desperate need of attention so I took one beautiful day (yesterday) to spruce it up. A coat of paint and a new plant stand and plant and all is well.

Unfortunately I couldn't remove the door knocker to paint it because the screws were stripped so I had to improvise. I used petroleum jelly on the door where I was going to be painting (I used a textured black spray paint on the knocker and handles). I didn't want the texture of the spray paint to show through the paint on the door so the jelly made it easy to wipe off the spray when I was finished.

Then I used left over paint from my kitchen to repaint the door....

Our patio chairs needed a fresh coat of paint so I used the textured spray paint to touch those up as well...

I picked up a stand from The Christmas Tree Shop (great store, they have everything and at great prices too)! Of course it got a spray treatment too and the plant I twist tied to the stand so it wouldn't blow off and finally I have a porch to be proud of...

Overall cost:
Textured spray paint = $6.49
Table = $9.99
Plant = $4.99
Total = $21.47

Happy Spring!

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  1. Jill that looks awesome! I love the color of the door, so pretty for Spring and SUmmer, really all year round!~ Nice job on everything!~

  2. I have been thinking about repainting my door too. What I like here is that you outlined your arch window with the black. It just gives it so much more style and I would never have thought to do that. So thank you for the idea.
    for some reason my typepad credentials couldn't be verified.

  3. LOVE it! It's so welcoming now... great job!! Thanks for sharing it with us at the POPP.

  4. Visiting from the POP party, great look, fresh and summery.

  5. Found you through Domestically Speaking's blog and just wanted to say what a great way to save your door from the overspray when painting the door handle and knocker. Love that idea. I was just thinking the other day that our door and handle needs to painted.

  6. Wow thanks for the idea, I have brass door handle and knocker also on our door. How did I not even think to spray paint it.